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Hello Lovers,

HOLY MOLY - I thank you for trusting me to make this exciting move! We are here! Our site… who trusted me with all this responsibility? The only people I have to blame for this beautiful madness are you guys - THE LOVERS! The ones who took a chance to test my products, bought more, gifted it to their loved ones, and shared it with all who would listen.

But you guys are probably thinking, so what’s going on? Are you leaving Etsy? Did you get bought out? Lo, what are you doing? Time to spill the tea. Don’t fret. We‘re ready to sip … Sippin’ Tea (also, it is finally back in stock!), and I will be here to answer all your questions.

First, I’m not 100% leaving Etsy. Etsy is what fueled the Vibes By Lo brand, so I can’t leave them hanging. I will leave a couple of my scents and the custom order option on Etsy, but for those who want BIGGER, BETTER, AND MORE … well…. you’ll find it here on

I’m still a one-woman-show but transitioning this from more of a weekend hobby to full-on 24/7 passion with my full-time job still underway. So this journey will be intense, but I’m hoping to take on you on a ride to see how it all gets done. Also, I’m in the process of getting a business license, so that sh*t will be getting real.

I moved to my site to have a more creative ability to customize my brand and become more personally connected with you all. I know I have social media, but anyone who follows me knows I’m inconsistent with that. But this new website will be the push we need to go into a new connected journey with you guys. I hope you guys can finally know the energy behind the vibes and get immersed in it as well.

So the plan for the new website is to tackle the following:
  • Have more options with products: MORE SCENTS, MORE VARIETY, AND JUST MORE GOOD F*KN VIBES. Year one was just foreplay, and I’m ready to take ya’ll down - literally and figuratively ;)
  • More connections: Not only do I plan to step up the social media game (Lord help my old tech-challenged soul), keep an eye out for more content here on updates, tips and tricks, and whatever you want via my blog.
  • Motivate EACH OTHER: We’re going to push each other to get shit done. Whatever you have your eye on to achieve, we got each other, and we’re setting the vibe to do great things so let’s F*KN GO!
     xoxo Lo <3

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    Goodbye To The Vibes We Loved So Dear ...

    Goodbye To The Vibes We Loved So Dear ...

    The Instagram Fall Giveaway ends at MIDNIGHT!

    The Instagram Fall Giveaway ends at MIDNIGHT!


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