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New Scent Highlight: Speakeasy!

New scent highlight: Speakeasy
Hello Lovers!

I hope this fall season has been nothing but SPICY for you! I probably haven't gotten the chance to tell you all how much I love the fall! It's only of my favorite seasons. I mean, what's not to love, the cool weather (not cold), sweaters, pumpkins, the apple cider donuts, trees, you name it. It's a beautiful time to be alive!

Although we're in this never-ending bliss, sadly, we must start preparing for winter (the crowd goes BOOO!). But I'm going to try to make this upcoming winter season fun and memorable for all! My official holiday line will be targeted to be released at the end of October. However, I can't make any promises because my full-time job and personal life have been kicking my ass lately! D: Don't worry, I'll bounce back.

But before then, I'm releasing three new scents to keep us preoccupied in the meantime. Just think of this as foreplay before the explosive passion that is the holiday collection ... I know that was a weird visual. Please bear with me. I've only had three hours of sleep this week.

My three new scents are all infused with some of my favorite spirits. The Prohibition era inspired this collection. I know you history buffs are probably like, "chick, that started in December, why are you releasing this now," but man, can you let a girl live! I just got sucked into an internet rabbit hole so deep during the summer, and I was like, this needs to happen. I could not wait.

I wanted to give you guys the backstory so that you can dive into the creative vision behind the new addition to the Vibes family. So let's stop talking, and let's introduce SPEAKEASY.
Speakeasy: Dry Gin, Cypress, Pomegranate, Smoke & Suede

The first candle for my new collection, Speakeasy, will be a dusty rose color candle infused with Dry Gin, Cypress, Pomegranate, Suede, and Smoke.

For those who don't know, a Speakeasy is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. Speakeasy bars became all the rage in the United States during the Prohibition era (1920–1933, longer in some states). During that time, the sale, production, and transport of alcoholic beverages were illegal in the United States. Hence the dusty color. I thought maybe something neutral would be a good fit. When I think of the 20s, I think of vintage colors like browns, ivories, things like that. I could be entirely off base, but this is MY VISION KAREN! (If you guys didn't notice by now, I can be a little hostile sometimes, my bad) but any who...

I always had a sample of Dry Gin and Cypress I always wanted to create a scent with. I rarely like to make a candle with just one base scent, and I like to play around with the notes to get a combination that would be unique and enjoyable for others to light. The Dry Gin and Cypress gave a very fresh, woodsy scent, but I added pomegranate to resemble a mixed drink and provide the fruity splash. To add more masculine features to the smell, I combined smoke and suede to top this complex yet vintage scent to embody the audience that attended the Speakeasy in the 20s.

I would give this candle a 10/10. However, I am biased! Check out this scent and the others; Shaken Not Stirred and Whiskey Sour in my Prohibition Era collections <3

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